Gulet is traditional wooden yacht, but equipped with all modern navigation facilities and adapted to the most demanding requirements in order to match high standards of accommodation and to make the cruising more comfortable and more pleasant. The gulets use mostly engine power for navigation, but also combine the sails when the weather conditions permit.
Thus, the gulets make the cruising vacations very appealing to explore the numerous islands and ports.

All our gulets are excellently maintained and improved for each incoming season, therefore, the year of build is not of such importance, more important is how much the owners take care of them.
We regularly inspect the boats, therefore, we will offer you only the reliable gulets with excellent service.

There is plenty of choice when it comes to choose the right gulet for your cruising week. That is why our staff will inform you about all the options and advise the best to suite your requirements.

Gulets are mostly rented by families and friends, but also are very suitable for different corporate cruisings and teambuildings.
Gulets have from 3-4 crew members, depending on their size.

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Mini cruisers are the boats bigger than gulets, some are wooden and some steel boats, powered by both engines and sails. They differ from the gulets mostly in size and can accommodate from 16 up to 40 guests.
Our cruisers are not like big ocean ones, they can be rented only as the whole boat for bigger groups. They have from 5-7 crew members who are attentive and at guests´ disposal during the cruising.
Mini cruisers are usually rented by the companies for their business meetings, incentives and teambuildings, even during winter time combined with socializing that helps developing your business team, but also by the families and groups of friends. Those boats are ideal setting to organize your wedding, anniversaries, as well as all other important moments that you want to share with your friends and award them with a special cruise on the boat.


According to the different requirements and needs of the guests, we make tailor made itineraries for each cruising week. Our cruising is not barely transferring the guests from one port to another, it is the whole program we develop, according to each group preferences. Some of our guests prefer quiet sailing away from the crowded ports and some of the guests like to combine enjoying the sea and the nature and visiting historical heritage in each port.

Thus, we incorporate stopping in the nice bays for swimming and water sports activities (such as water ski, jat ski, canoing), organized guide tours in each port of call, vinery visits, wine routes, diving on the most attractive locations and similar.
For the bigger groups on the mini cruisers, we can organize and plan to the smallest details the weddings, anniversaries, business meetings, teambuildings, incentives and any other occasion you have in mind.

When it comes to food, various fish and meat menus are served on board, and the chefs take specila care of the fresh and excellently prepared meals, led according to the preferences of our guests. For the guests who prefer taking breakfast and lunch on the boat and having their dinners in the ports´ restaurants, we can reserve the table in advance and also agree their menu.
Shortly, we will do anything you ask us, to meet your demands.

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Probably the best part of the vessel when it comes to comfort, sensational experience in navigation and enjoying the sun bathing. The decks of the gulets and mini cruisers are very spacious (the size depends on the size of each gulet), covered with teak.
The bow deck of the gulet is large sun bathing area, covered with comfortable mattresses. This area can also be shaded if the guests prefer enjoying the sailing protected from the sun.
The stern deck of the gulet houses the huge dining table and leisure sofa, just the perfect place for dining surrounded by amazing scenery or relaxing on the sofa, with the nice afternoon cocktail. This area is shaded as well and represents the living space where our guests like to spend most of their time.
The decks of the mini cruisers are even bigger and are also furnished with sun bathing mattresses or chairs, large dining tables and seating areas.


Each gulet and mini cruiser has the indoor salon, which consists of the seating area with dining table (mini cruisers have several dining tables in the salon), galley and the boat bar. This is the area our guests use mostly during the bad weather, since the decks are the center of life on board. The salons are air conditioned and equipped with TV/DVD and music systems.

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Each gulet has from 3 to 8 cabins and can accommodate from 6-16 guests in different cabins: master, double or twin. The cabins layout differs from gulet to gulet. The cabins are all air conditioned and have en suite toilets. Also, there is enough storage space for the guests´ facilities.All the gulets have opening port holes.
More luxurious gulets have Plasma TV in the cabins, bar, toilet table, couch.

The mini cruisers have from 8-19 cabins to accommodate up to 40 guests. The cabins are spacious, air conditioned and have en suite toilets. There is also pleanty of storage space in each cabin.


The gulets´ and mini cruisers´ galleys are professionally equipped with all the facilities necessary to storage the food and to prepare delicious specialties. The chefs keeps the galley clean and maintained.


The crew members are the most important part of your cruising holidays. The boats´ owners take special care when it comes to choose the crew members, having in mind that they will make your cruising more enjoyable by providing your the excellent service all the time, informing you about the destination and preparing the most delicious meals you have ever tasted.
The crew is always happy to do whatever it takes to make your cruising best in life, from cleaning the cabins, preparing and serving the meals, taking you to the dinghy ride and water sports activities, to providing entertainment and joy on board.

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